How to get better at playing CS:GO

Even though CS:GO is an incredibly fun game to play, it can be an extremely difficult game to master.

That is why players who love playing it and want to improve are often looking for tips on how to get better at CS:GO.

Mouse, keyboard and headphones -- These are critical to your gameplay so you should be sure to buy the best you can afford.

Play above your skill level -- While you can play with people that are worse players than you, it will not help you improve your game.

Instead, play every CS:GO game with people who are better than you. Then, when you get killed, watch how they play the rest of the game and emulate them in your next games.

Play on competitive servers -- Always play on the competitive servers as this is where you will find other players that are playing to win. Playing against them will cause you to play at your best, thus improving your skills every time.

Long hours are needed -- While you may think you can get better at CS:GO by playing a handful of hours a week, this is rarely possible.

The best CS:GO players usually play 20, 30 or 40 hours a week as that is what it takes to get your skills to that level. Put those kind of hours in, however, and you will see fast results.

Play on a good night's sleep -- As obvious as it may sound, you need fast reflexes and these will only come to you if you are well-rested. Read on rs6 boost for more details.

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